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Write a paragraph on Covid 19 and impact on Education

Write a paragraph on  Covid 19 and impact on Education

 Covid-19 and it’s impact on Education 

With the growing fear of Covid-19 which has silenced the entire world with its ever spreading wings of death, the young generation, the students, by and large are the worst sufferes. It is moving like a strong wave and creating devastating social, economic and political scars. So deep are these scars that the HRD has no place of eminence and has taken a back seat. Students are locked up in this lockdown, going through extreme stress and anxiety related to their career which seems bleak and far-fetched to them. Only a very small percentage were able to adopt online teaching which was beneficial to only a small of students. Particularly those who have access to internet. The rest, in remote areas have on idea as to what is going to happen in the future. The pandemic has disrupted the education sector at large. If the situation persists, it would take a long time, longer than usual, to come back on the track. The government should try and find solutions and ensure the overall progress of the young minds who are ready to jump to any opportunity given to them.

Class 9th Class 10th Covid-19 Assay paragraph 2023-24



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