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Write a paragraph on my ideal Teacher 100 words

Write a paragraph on my ideal Teacher 100 words

         My Ideal Teacher 

Mr. Sanjay Kumar is an ideal teacher of my school. He is a learned man. He is an MA in English, but he teaches other subjects like Hindi, Sanskrit and History as efficiently as he does in English. He is an expert in the art of teaching. He is very kind and generous. He loves his students very much. He is very regular and punctual. His lesson is very interesting. Boys listen to him silently. He is very young and smart, tall and fair. He never beats or scolds any student. He tries to teach them with utmost love and homely affection. It is a pleasure to attend his classes. Although he is very loving and affectionate but he is a very strict disciplinarian. He cannot allow anyone to take undue advantage of his kind nature. He never gets angry while doing his lesson. He commands much love and respect from his students. Indeed, he is a very popular teacher of our school.


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